Pain or Numbness in Legs

Back injuries often involve a low back (lumbar) herniated disc (in which the nucleus of the disc protrudes through the outer fibrous layer or annulus of the disc), a fractured vertebra, torn posterior longitudinal ligament, torn anterior longitudinal ligament, or injury to the facet joints, all parts of the vertebral column. When the structure of the spinal column is altered by an injury, it often results in serious and debilitating pain.

Leg pain can be a symptom of such an injury and shouldn’t be taken lightly if you have had an accident. You may feel a sharp stabbing pain or numbness that interferes with your ability to walk, sit, or carry things.

If you suffer from pain or numbness in your legs following an injury trust the experienced team at The Rode Law Firm. Injuries caused by the wrongful conduct of another person or entity can result in serious physical, emotional and monetary hardship. We will help you recover damages to help pay medical bills, lost wages and other expenses.

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