Our Process

Our Legal Process

Starting your recovery with Rode.

If you are injured due to the negligence of another, this can be a difficult and frustrating time. Immediate loss of property or pending medical needs are just the beginning.
// Our attorneys will work for you, at no upfront cost, to help you assess your losses and plan your recovery.
  • Contact our offices to setup your free consultation.
  • Feel free to collect any information that you believe would be relevant to your case.
  • Meet with our legal team to discuss the merits of your case.
  • If approved by one of our attorneys, we will officially open your case and get to work.

Addressing your medical needs.

What seems like a minor incident can lead to debilitating injuries. If ignored or left untreated, some conditions can worsen over time leaving you with compounded medical issues.
// If treatment or surgery is needed, we can help you identify a means for affording the medical attention you require.
  • Seek all necessary treatment needed upfront to reach your best possible physical recovery.
  • Neither you, us or the insurance company know the extent of your injuries without complete treatment history.
  • Rushing through treatment or pushing for an early settlement could leave you with additional uncompensated needs in the future.
  • While seeking all necessary treatment, our team will work with you to collect all records needed to build your case.
  • If not represented, the insurance company may try to pressure you into an early settlement or otherwise take advantage of the situation.

Presenting your case.

An injury case can be lengthy and complex, leaving many details to be accounted for. Missing crucial information can be devastating to the strength of your case.
// Our process is built upon detailed and careful preparation, leaving as little as possible to interpretation and nothing to chance.
  • After you are released from medical care, we will finalize compiling your records and other documentation.
  • We will then review all records to date, finalize our presentation.
  • Next, your case will be packaged, and presented to the insurance company for evaluation.
  • While the insurance company considers our presentation and demand, we continue to build your case with the anticipation of trial.

Seeking justice & compensation.

In one split second your quality of life is compromised. You need to address the rising costs of your losses, but aren't sure the insurance company has your best interest in mind.
// With over 50 years of combined personal injury experience, the Rode Law Firm is ready to fight for your right to a full recovery.
  • We will negotiate the highest offer from all possible insurance sources.
  • This offer will be processed through our custom accounting software to evaluate it's impact on your losses.
  • We will then discuss this offer with you, explain what it means for your recovery and offer our advice on the best course of action.
  • If the final offer made by the insurance company is not appropriate to meet your needs or equal to your losses, we may advise that a lawsuit is your best course of action.

Recovered & moving forward.

Even after a settlement or verdict has been reached, the process of collecting, sorting and repaying your incurred debits from your injury can be extremely complex.
// Unlike some personal injury firms, our commitment to our clients does not end at the point of settlement or verdict.
  • After a settlement or verdict has been reached, we will help you facilitate collections and debt repayments.
  • Verify liens
  • Determine subrogation interest.
  • Ensure all recovery sources are properly utilized.
  • Distributing funds to your medical providers and other debtors.
  • Issue your recovery payment to you.
  • And show you where every penny of your money goes.

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