When we trust nursing homes to care for our aging loved ones, we expect a higher standard of care. Due to the aging process alone, our elderly family members are vulnerable, and often with medical dependencies, this vulnerability increases. We expect the nursing home employees to be highly skilled, meet the medical needs of our family members, and be compassionate.

Despite a family’s diligence in seeking out the best care for a loved one, neglect and abuse can still occur within a facility. Some Nursing homes employ unskilled individuals and are often understaffed. Abuse can occur when an employee intentionally bullies or mistreats your family member. There is never an excuse for nursing home neglect. The Rode Law Firm firmly believes this and knows the feeling of wanting the best safety and care possible for your loved ones.


Nursing home neglect can look different from case to case and can include physical/psychological/sexual abuse, inattention from staff, and over-medication among other things. We never want to get the call that a family member has fallen and fractured a hip, just like we never want to visit a family member in a nursing home and see bed sores or unexplained bruising. But if these things do occur and you suspect a problem, you simply cannot waste time in examining the situation. Long-term abuse or negligence can have severe consequences and can even lead to a family member’s wrongful death.

Warning signs of nursing home neglect can include poor hygiene, bedsores, dehydration, mysterious bruising, and even sudden changes in your family member’s behavior/personality. Neglect resulting in falls can cause extreme injuries, such as head trauma, internal bleeding, spinal cord injuries, pneumonia, etc., and can also exacerbate already-present medical conditions. As a whole, nursing home neglect can vastly decrease a family member’s quality of life, or worse, shorten their life expectancy.

Slip and falls are common in nursing homes. Knowing what caused your family member’s fall is beneficial when you call an attorney. Some causes of slip and falls include:

  • Poor lighting

  • Inadequate supervision

  • Failing to secure a wheelchair

  • Failing to secure a patient

  • Unsuitable bed height/equipment

  • Incorrectly following a care plan if at high-risk for falls

  • Inadequately transferring a patient

  • Cluttered/slippery paths

  • Limited/no access to walkers or other assistive devices

  • Medication errors


The Rode Law Firm believes great skill, attention, and compassion should be delivered in the care of our elderly loved ones or any other loved one that requires this type of care. When nursing homes fail to deliver these to our vulnerable and dependent family members and neglect occurs, our family members deserve justice. No amount of compensation can mend the trauma of nursing home neglect or abuse. However, compensation is a step in the right direction. It’s a step towards improving your family member’s quality of life after such neglect. And a step towards getting your family member where they need to be, on their road to recovery.

If your family member has experienced a nursing home fall, bed sores, or other forms of neglect or abuse, don’t wait. Call Rode Law Firm today at (918) 599-8880.