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The Rode Law Firm has been guiding clients through the personal injury insurance claim and legal processes for over 50 years of combined experience with a focus on disc injuries.

Disc injuries can be devastating, causing unbearable physical and emotional pain as well as financial hardship for the injured party and his or her family.

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Disc injuries are often described as a Bulging Disc, a Protrusion, a Herniation, an Extruding Disc, or a Torn Disc. These Disc Injuries often touch, impinge, or compress nerve roots or the spinal cord itself, causing pain to radiate down the nerve distribution fed by the compromised nerve. This is called Radiculopathy.

Disc injuries can cause severe pain and reduce or limit motions such as bending, stooping, lifting, or twisting. Disc injuries  can often lead to depression from constant debilitating pain, inability to work to support oneself and family, and the inability to perform daily activities or simply enjoy spending quality time with family and friends.

Diagnostic tests such as MRI, Discogram, Mylogram, and Post Mylogram CT scans are normally required to identify and diagnose a disc injury. Treatment for Disc Injuries may involve conservative care such as physical therapy, medication, decompression, and injections. However, more severe injuries may require surgical intervention to reduce pain and increase mobility in order to improve quality of life.

By studying and focusing our practice area on disc injuries, our personal injury lawyers can better serve our clients with:

  • A better understanding of disc injuries We feel very strongly that a big part of our success as a disc injury law firm is our depth and breadth of understanding disc injuries and the challenges that our clients face every day.
  • Effective, aggressive legal representation For every client we serve, we apply our decades of combined legal experience to provide effective, aggressive, result-oriented legal representation.

Our attorneys will meet with you and go over every facet of your disc injury case. We will review with you what medical treatment you have exhausted and what medical treatment options remain available to assure you are able to make informed decisions for your recovery. Our goal is to help you get on your Road to Recovery and be able to return to an active and productive life.

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