There are truly not enough words that can be said about Rode Law Firm. Approximately a year ago, I was part of an automobile accident while visiting my family out of state. The other driver was found at fault, but because he only carried minimal coverage insurance, all the company was offering to pay was $5,000.00—which my hospital and doctor bills far exceeded. The insurance adjuster kept calling me asking me to settle (basically harassing me). He mentioned that $5,000.00 was what the company was willing to pay—NO MORE. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do, but knew the settlement was unacceptable. Then I saw a commercial—the one about the poodle and the pit bull—Rode Law Firm. I had never used an attorney (in any capacity) before and was very nervous to make the call. However, I finally bit the bullet and am so glad I did. Once I arrived at the appointment and met the staff, I was completely at ease. My main concern was to ensure my medical expenses were covered, if possible. Much to my surprise, Mr. Rode went above and beyond my expectations and made sure my medical expenses were no longer a worry for me. He recovered the liability limits of the other driver and my UM limits. Mr. Rode is the pit bull in personal injury law and is definitely the best guy to have in your corner.



I slipped and fell on a greasy floor at a restaurant. I fell face first and injured my neck and back. My friend from church referred me to Mr. Rode and told me Mr. Rode was a very good attorney and highly respected.

When I first met Mr. Rode, he listened to me. He asked me about my doctor visits and was genuinely concerned about the protruding disc in my neck and how the injury affected me. Mr. Rode shared with me the steps he would take in representing me.

When the insurance company refused to pay, Mr. Rode filed a lawsuit for me. He took depositions of all the employees who were present when I fell and obtained the security camera tape. Mr. Rode’s attention to detail, endurance in fighting the insurance lawyers, and belief in me and my case was amazing, and that comforted me that someone was standing up for me. I knew my case was in good hands and that allowed me to focus on the treatment for my injuries.

Mr. Rode and his wonderful staff (Cara, Tonya, and Darrin) made me feel comfortable and welcome whenever I went to their office. They kept me informed at each step, prepared me well for my deposition and mediation, where my case settled for a confidential sum.

I remember, as a young girl, my mom worked for attorneys most of her career, and I met a lot of the attorneys she worked for. Based on that, and how Mr. Rode and his staff handled my case, I can honestly say they are the best. I’m grateful for all they did and the results they obtained for me. I highly recommend them.



While on my job as an EMT, my coworker rear-ended a commercial vehicle. Several lawyers told me my only remedy was to file worker’s comp, that I was not allowed to make a claim against my co-worker, and they would not take my case. A friend recommended Rode Law Firm and told me that Mr. Rode did an exceptional job on his case. I hired Mr. Rode and he explained that since I was not allowed to make a claim against my co-worker, in effect my co-worker was an uninsured driver. Mr. Rode found a remedy where other lawyers said there was none. We settled for a confidential amount. All I can say is Mr. Rode and his team have the fricken magic dust!



I was severely injured because the City of Broken Arrow did not close the road after its water main broke and flooded the road. We saw one other lawyer before going to the Rode Law Firm, and that lawyer told me I could not win. He was visibly annoyed with me. Then I met Mr. Rode and he took my case. When the municipality refused to pay, Mr. Rode filed a lawsuit. At mediation, the municipality offered half of its government tort claim limits. We turned it down and Mr. Rode deposed 13 city employees. After that, the City of Broken Arrow offered its full government tort claim limits. The Rode Law Firm did a great job. They were there for me and kept me updated. They were very caring and asked how I was doing, and the communication was excellent. Thank you for taking care of me and my case.



My wife and I were hit broadside at an intersection by a pickup truck that ran a red light. We both sustained injuries: rib, back, and neck, that required extended treatment. His insurance paid the minimum amount for our totaled car but kept dragging their heels on the medical side. After a few months of being ignored by State Farm, we were referred by a friend to Rode Law Firm. Best thing that happened. Robert Rode took the case and immediately went to work on the insurance company. He gathered all reports and bills from our many doctors, labs, & clinics to build the case. He was able to help settle the claim for the full amount of the other driver’s coverage and was able to get the full amount of under insured for me on our policy. Thanks again, Mr. Robert Rode. We know where we will go if we ever need this again.



A rainy July day, a large pickup truck turned left in front of me. My van was totaled, and I was badly injured. His insurance company wouldn’t pay any of my medical bills and told me to contact my insurance to pay them. His insurance company also told me that I was partly at fault, and it would be a cold day in hell before they would give me as much as bus fare. One lucky day later, I happened to see the handsome smile of attorney Robert Rode on the back cover of the phone book. I called his number to see if he could help. He indeed could and did. My hero counselor Robert Rode got me a settlement from the nasty insurance company that paid all my medical bills and put an amount of money in my pocket I could hardly believe. If you’re injured and need help, I’d tell you to call Rode Law Firm. You’ll be happy as a big fat clam.



Mr. Rode is a tenacious lawyer that isn’t afraid of a challenge. Although the accident I was involved in was at a low rate of speed, it wreaked havoc on my body and greatly affected my everyday life. Mr. Rode was able to negotiate a sizable settlement even though counsel before him told me I would never receive any compensation for the injuries I sustained. Mr. Rode tackled a nearly impossible case and obtained impressive results. I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone in need of legal counsel.



I was stopped at a red light when I was rear-ended. I was in the back seat and was hurt. I was transported by ambulance to the hospital. I was referred to The Rode Law Firm by a relative who said don’t go to anyone else. I really liked Tonya and Gwyn. They were helpful and kept me informed. Overall, I am very pleased with The Rode Law Firm and the money that they got for me.



I was probably the worst client. I had an accident at literally the worst time I could have. I was in pre-deployment mode and work was stressful. Then I had to deploy, covid happened, it got drawn out, and it was a mess. I didn't contact Rode Law Firm until I got home and explained my mess. I was still in pain and had been toughing it out to do my duty. Mr. Rode never batted an eye about the length of time and just told me to get better and they would take care of the rest. And did they ever. They never pressured me and literally took care of all the paperwork steps and let me focus on getting treatment. I highly recommend The Rode team!



I tried to handle my case with the insurance company, and eventually got my car fixed. After I hired Mr. Rode, everything worked smoothly. Communications were excellent and I was well prepared. My only regret is that I did not hire Mr. Rode earlier. I will definitely call Mr. Rode again in the future if I need him, and I will keep his number saved in my phone. Mr. Rode and his staff did a great job!